About Snerl

My name is SnerlBeatz from the Netherlands. I grew up in the city Enschede, the same city where i study. If I had to describe my music with one word it would be " Night".. This can be a cold winter nights or a hot summer night. Its all about the feeling you get when u hear it. My music is heavily influenced by Rap and Trap music, But also Psychedelic and Dub/Reggea music. The ultimate goal of my music is bringing people together to make some great music. 

I started studying in 2015 at the conservatorium Artez in Enschede.

We are learning about mixing/mastering and recording.

Also I am learning how to write music and how to compose.

My main focus is on making beats and recording artists. 

I have my own studio where i can record and compose beats.

I want to travel and share my music with people all around the globe.
Every day I take another step achieving my goals.

I dream big but i keep my head in reality. 

One-day at a time.